Travel Dates of the 28th Portable Surgical Hospital
March 14 Left Washington, D.C.
Arrived in Camp Patrick Henry
April 11 Boarded William A. Graham Liberty Ship
April 13 Set sail for parts unknown
April 30 Landed in Oran, North Africa
May 10 Left Oran on British ship Ordana
Went through Suez Canal
Stopped at Port Said and Port of Aden
Changed to British ship Strathmore
June 1 Landed in Bombay, India
Crossed India by train
June 16 Arrived in Calcutta, India
June 17 Arrived in Camp Kanchrapara
July 3 Left Calcutta by train
Crossed Brahmaputra River at Pandu
July 7 Arrived at Chabua, India air field
July 8 Flew over "The Hump" to Kunming, China
July 15 Left Kunming by truck convoy
Stopped at Tsu-yung, Yunnani, Siakwan, Yung-Ping and Paoshan (home of the Flying Tigers)
July 22 Arrived at the Wehtong Bridge on the Salween River
August 18 Wehtong Bridge completed
Japs tried to knock it out with bombs, a close call for the 28th
Moved to Burma Road Kilo mark 774 after dark
October 16 Moved to Taba, past Sung Shan Mountain - Kilo mark 812
November 25 Moved to Monchih - Kilo mark 832
December 15 Moved to Chafang Valley - Kilo mark 927
December 22 Picked up American pilot who bailed out of burning P-40
December 25 Christmas - Big time - tree and everything
December 31 New Year's Eve with football game at midnight
February 6 Left Chafang for Kunming by truck convoy
Picked up men who were on detached service
February 11 Arrived in Kunming
March 10 Left Kunming by truck convoy
Went through Panshien, Chenyi, Annan and Anshu
March 16 Arrived at Kweiyang
March 20 Moved to Huachi
May 9 Major Riva relieved of command by General Hoye
June 28 Major Riva reinstated as commanding officer
July 4 Celebrated Independence Day in a big way with firecrackers
July 17 Left Huachi by truck convoy
Went through Kweiyang, Ma-chang-ping, Chenyi
July 20 Arrived at Chihkiang
July 24 Left for Tungkou
Crossed by ferry at Anjoun
August 28 Went from Tungkou to Chihkiang by truck convoy
September 10 Went from Chihkiang to Nanking by C-46 transport
October 20 Went from Nanking to Shanghai by train
October 24 Went from Shanghai to Kunming by C-54 transport
October 29 Went from Kunming to Kalaikunda, India by C-54 transport

Courtesy of Cindy Strack Choy, daughter of T/5 Richard Strack