28th Portable Surgical Hospital

G. G. Himmelwright, J. V. Fisher, Maj. Fox (CO 35th PSH), H. L. Riva, R. C. Herman

Unidentified members of the 28th PSH

Cpl. Fike and T/5 Hill

T/5 Strack and Pfc. Ward

Sgt. Maj. Dunbar and Capt. Himmelwright
Commanding Officer
H. L. Riva, Major, MC

Surgical Service
H. L. Riva, Major, MC, Surgeon
R. C. Herman, Captain, MC, Surgeon
G. G. Himmelwright, Captain, MC, Surgeon

Medical Service
J. V. Fisher, Captain, MC, Internist, Anesthetist

Sanitary Service
J. V. Fisher, Captain, MC, Medical Inspector

Medical Detachment
R. C. Herman, Captain, MC, Assistant to Commanding Officer

Transportation Officer
G. G. Himmelwright, Captain, MC

Mess Officer
J. V. Fisher, Captain, MC

Supply Officer
G. G. Himmelwright, Captain, MC

Executive Officer
R. C. Herman, Captain, MC

Sergeant Major
T/Sgt. Dunbar

Professional Surgical
T/3 Faust

Surgical No. 1
T/4 Rinaldi
T/5 Kirwan
T/5 Comer
T/5 Kingh

Surgical No. 2
T/4 Carter
T/4 Uebelher
T/5 Plitt
Pfc. Philips

Medical No. 1
T/4 Whiteside
T/4 Regan
T/4 Rondolone
Cpl. Condilis
Pfc. Rodon
Pfc. Froll
Pfc. Thomason

Medical No. 2
Sgt. Oskiera
T/4 Amalfitano
T/4 Stitt
Cpl. Fike
T/5 Davidson
Pfc. Morrissey

S/Sgt. Rainey
Pfc. Veatch
Pfc. Schafer
Pfc. Baker
Pfc. Zaia

T/Sgt. Dunbar

T/5 Strack
T/5 Smith
Pfc. Brooks
Pfc. Neal
Pvt. Brown
Pvt. Bryan

S/Sgt. Thesing
Sgt. Stearness
T/5 LeMay
Pfc. Eyler
Pfc. Ward
Pfc. Luddington

S/Sgt. Thesing
T/4 Grant
T/5 Hill
Pfc. McKinney

Members of the 28th Portable Surgical Hospital  “China Dragons”