China Bowl Football Classic
Another Army-Navy game from half-way around the world in the China Theater of World War II

THURSDAY, NOV. 22, 1945                                           THE STARS AND STRIPES                                                     CHINA THEATER

 Army Pilots Suffer;  Too Much Talent

  SHANGHAI, Nov. 21 - The Army All-Star Football squad's first scrimmage yesterday at the Race Course was, in the words of coaches Alex Atty, Hal Ave, and Park Myers, "to have separated the sheep from the lions." After two hours of violent colliding and bouncing by the candidates, however, the triumvirate was no more prepared than previously to select a tentative starting lineup.

  Out of some 50 hopefuls, there were at least 30 who appeared lion enough to make the starting lineup in the China Bowl game against the Navy All-Stars at the Canidrome here Dec. 1. As a result the co-coaches have just about decided not to cut the squad and to carry as many prospects as stick it out.

  Matters will be complicated though, by the fact that neither Army or Navy expects to have complete uniforms for more than two teams each.

  Although none of the soldiers were able to scrimmage more than a few plays apiece, some made particularly vivid impressions. These included Earl Uhler and Dean Hauserman in the backfield, Dave Cunningham, end, and Charles Borde, tackle.

  Uhler, running from left half carried off tackle or around end with the velocity of a bullet. He didn't slow up, either, when husky tacklers loomed up before him.

  Hauserman, 200-pound fullback, used skill as well as power in advancing the ball. Several times he went places after cutting away from or hitting and spinning off the secondaries.

  Cunningham used to play for little Ouachita College in Arkansas while Borde performed for the Fort Riley eleven last season.

  Among those who have been prominent in the Navy workouts are Frank Ruggieri, 210-pound guard from Purdue, and little Johnny Biddle, halfback from Brownsville, Pa. In addition to having been one of the best football players in the Big Ten in 1942, Ruggieri was runner-up for the National Collegiate AA heavyweight wrestling title. Biddle, who hasn't gone to college yet, has been displaying speed and other abilities.

THREATENING NAVY'S ALL STARS are these Army backs as they prep for the big China Bowl Game at the Canidrome here a week from today. Left to right they are Mike Del Sordi, Everett George, Al Yourkewicz and Earl Uhler.

 Daley Joins Navy Gridders

  SHANGHAI, Nov. 25 - Navy's chances to run Army in the ground in the gigantic Army-Navy football classic scheduled for next Saturday at the Canidrome were all but sealed today when Big Bill Daley flew in from Samar to join the Middies. Daley, as if you didn't know, is the former All-America back who starred for Minnesota's national champion football team in 1941. The 210-pound bone crushing back is expected to start at left for the Navy eleven.

  Arrival of Daley was met with unrestrained satisfaction by Jim Oberlander and Grant Andreason, the Navy coaches. "Bill is the greatest running back I've ever seen,' chortled Andreason. "I watched him in five games last year when he played with the unbeaten Fort Pierce, Fla., team. He has power, speed and shiftiness."

  With Daley on hand, the sailors now have a least five ball carriers who are potential touchdown getters on every play. Besides the ex-Gopher, the gobs have such dynamic ground gainers as Bill Polczynski, Charley Eikenberg, John Biddle and Joe Condron.

  Daley, working out for the first time yesterday at the Race Course, was very happy for the chance to return to the gridiron. "It sure is amazing to find yourself playing football here in Shanghai," exclaimed Bill.

  The bulky 6-foot 2-inch Minnesota native declared that he wasn't in shape because he hadn't taken a real workout since playing with Fort Pierce last season. One couldn't prove it by appearances though, as Daley got off some tremendous punts, galloped right through signal drill and finished off the day by leading the whole squad in the two-lap run around the field.

  Navy's joy at the advent of Daley was tempered quite a bit by news of the fact that Joe Keenan and Dick Alden, the sailors' terrific centers, will not be able to play. Keenan, who due to war-time conditions was able to perform for Notre Dame, Iowa Pre Flight, Wisconsin and Fort Pierce, has a broken thumb. Alden, member of USC's 1943 Rose Bowl eleven, has a severe knee injury.

  Jim Young, bruising, 222-pounder, or Frank Ruggeri, an equally large and formidable athlete, may be shifted from tackle or guard, respectively, to take over center. If Young is moved, Tom Perry probably will start at tackle. If Ruggeri makes the switch, Bob Hoe undoubtedly will be the starting guard.

Navy back may outshine
teammate Bill Daley

 Smith May Outshine Daley
 In China Bowl Grid Classic

  SHANGHAI, Nov. 26 - Marion Smith, swift-stepping back from Lexington, Ky., is one of the reasons the Army All Stars maintain high hopes for victory in Saturday's China Bowl Football Game at the Canidrome. The soldiers maintain that Smith, 185-pound triple threat, will not be outclassed, despite the presence in the Navy lineup of such aces as Bill Daley, Bill Polczynski, Charlie Eikenberg, John Biddle and Joe Condron.

  Smith, a Kentucky U. freshman flash in 1942, is the type of leather lugger liable to break for a touchdown every time he gets his hands on the ball. Marion has done close to 10 seconds for the 100 yards and he scoots around ends and weaves through a broken field with a long stride and forward lean. His style and skill reminds one of Beattie Feathers, former Tennessee All America.

  Army has other backs to match the Middle threats. These include Bill Manderry, Al Yourkewicz, Earl Uhler and Everett George.

  Manderry, 190-pound fullback, played for the College of Pacific eleven which won the Far Western Conference title in 1941 and '42. He also was named for the All-Conference backfield. Bill runs hard, low, and has the knack of rolling off would-be tacklers.

  Yourkewicz' forte is ice hockey, Al having played professionally for three years with Boston of the Eastern League. Before signing up, however, Yourkewicz is supposed to have been a wiz in high school and with the Villanova frosh in 1937.

  Navy's forces still are somewhat downcast because of the loss through injury of their two fine centers, Joe Keenan and Dick Alden. However, Tom Parry, who is being promoted to the first-string line, is no slouch, either. Tom played tackle for Notre Dame last year, getting into the Wisconsin, Pitt and Dartmouth games.

  Parry is expected to start at left tackle, replacing Jim Young, who probably will start at pivot. If necessary, powerful Jim can switch back to tackle at any time.

  Army's coaching staff at least ranks with the sailor masterminds, albeit headed by a lieutenant. He is Lt. Alex Atty (inset) and he is assisted by Maj. Harold Ave (left) and Capt. Park L. Myers (right).
  Navy's chances of victory, at the present at least 100-proof, have been made so by the presence of Dr. Jim Oberlander (right), a former Dartmouth All-America back, and Grant Anderson (left) ex-Utah star, as coaches.

Mainstay of Army's Backfield

 Smith GIs' Hope
 To Upset Sailors

  SHANGHAI, Nov. 30 - American football, with all its traditional color and pageantry, comes to old China tomorrow as the Army and Navy All-Stars clash here in the China Bowl Game. Site of the fast, rough, tough competition will be the Canidrome in Frenchtown, which before the war used to house the big dog races. Kickoff time is 2 p.m.

  Appropriately, the China Bowl Army-Navy contest takes place the same day West Point, America's No. 1 football power, tackles Annapolis, rated No. 2, at Municipal Stadium in Philadelphia.

  While Army is favored in the classic being played in America, the situation is reversed here. However, an upset in both instances does not seem altogether impossible.

  For the Shanghai contest, the Navy has collected a speedy group of ball carriers reminiscent of the mighty pre-war Chicago Bears. Like the Windy City eleven which dominated the National Pro Football League so consistently, the sailors will operate mainly from the T formation.

  Included among the Navy backs are Bill Daley, 210-pound former All-America ace at Minnesota and Michigan; Bill Polczynski of Marquette, Charley Eikenberg, Rice; Joe Condron, Lafayette, and Johnny Biddle, Brownsville (Pa.) High School flash.

  On the line the sailors have such pillars as Bill McCarthy of the New York Yankees, Ray Fuller, North Texas State, and John Hazelett of Illinois at ends.
Navy tackle who could ruin Army
Also looming powerfully up front are Garry Schmeelk of the New York Giants and Jim Young of Benton, Ill., tackles; Bob Hoe of Rochester and Henry Noel, Tennessee, guards, and Frank Ruggeri of Purdue, center.

  Hard-to-catch Marion Smith of Kentucky is Army's chief hope of upsetting the Sailors. Besides being speedy and shifty, Smith, playing left half, also is a good passer. Helping him in the backfield will be such blockers as Ray Placette, quarterback; Everett George, right half, and Bill Manderry, full.

  As ball carriers, George and Manderry also know what to do once they get past the line of scrimmage. George happens to be a very effective left-handed passer, too.

  Army's best bet as pass receivers seem to be Lad Andrews, 6-foot-3 end, and Manderry and Smith. Playing left flank for the soldiers is expected to be John McElhaney of Bucknell.

  Other starters probably will be Charley Borde and Jarrell Magness, tackles; Jack Kerchman and Dick Coleman, guards, and George Ansell, center.

  Preceding the kickoff, which is scheduled for 2 p.m., the $7,000,000 (CRB) Ricksha Derby is scheduled to finish at the Canidrome. The race, sponsored by Stars and Stripes, is scheduled to start at 1 p.m. and progress from the Navy Jetty at the Bund to Nanking Road, Bubbling Well to Seymour Road, then left along Avenue Albert to No. 439, where the Canidrome is located.

  Two bands, one a combined Army Air Forces outfit, and the other from the USS Dixie, are scheduled to give out during the afternoon. Arrangements also have been made to have Miss Edwina Eustis, touring with the USO, sing the national anthem.

  Everything will be as stateside as possible and there'll even be the traditional Army mule and Navy goat on the sidelines. Obtained through Maj. Gen. E. K. Moi, head of the War Area Service Command, the mule will be handled by T/Sgt. Robert H. Featherstone and S/Sgt. Henry E. Chistopherson.

  Included among the 10,000 U.S. Armed Forces personnel present are expected to be some of the highest ranking officers in the area. These include Lt. Gen. A. C. Wedemeyer, Lt. Gen. G. E. Stratemeyer, Maj. Gen. Ray T. Maddocks, Maj. Gen. D. L. Weart, Rear Admiral C. T. Joy and Navy Capt. Laidlaw. Also present may be General Tang-En-po, Chinese commander of the Nanking and Shanghai areas.
Navy's Brightest Star
One of Army's Best

  A loud-speaker system has been installed to help spectators keep track of the proceedings. The mike will be handled by Ken Colgan, Special Services' efficient jack-of-all-trades. Also aiding spectators in keeping up with the play will be large, one-foot-long numerals stenciled on the athletes' jerseys.

  Army will wear gold helmets with a black stripe running along the center and will wear gold shirts with black numbers. Navy will have dark blue jerseys, white numbers and dark head-gear.

  On one side of the field are covered stands with tiers of concrete seats. Army has been allotted the western section of the stands and Navy the eastern half. Standing room will be provided on the open side of the field. Seating for everyone except the big brass will be first come, first served.

  Transportation to and from the game by 360 trucks will be provided GIs and sailors. The vehicles will start loading between noon and 13:30 p.m. They'll take off from points previously announced.

  Servicemen who have been unable to secure tickets to the game will be able to listen in on the proceedings via the radio.

 20,000 Hot Dogs
 To 'See' Classic
Roland Cooper, XMHA's sports announcer, is scheduled to give a play-by-play description of the event.

  Over 20,000 hot dogs, rolls and doughnuts will be given out free by the American Red Cross. Hot coffee also has been promised.

  Attesting to the typically democratic tone of American sports, there are both enlisted men and officers in the lineups of the two teams. Army has six enlisted men and five officers scheduled to start while Navy has eight officers and three enlisted men ready to go at the kickoff.

  A dozen Marines, who played on the team which recently won the Hawaiian football championship, recently arrived here on their way to Tientsin. Navy isn't expected to use them at all because of lack of uniforms and because they aren't familiar with the signals.

  Navy is coached by Dr. Jim Oberlander, former Dartmouth All-America back, and Grant G. Andreason, who used to carry the ball for Utah. They are assisted by Rocky Palmer, of Cumberland U., Tenn. Oberlander, a lieutenant commander, and Andreason, a lieutenant, succeeded Lt. Bill Cox, who organized the Navy eleven before shipping out with the USS Rocky Mount.

  Lt. Alex Atty, Maj. Harold Ave, Capt. Park L. Myers and Lt. John Banyas comprise the Army coaching staff. It wasn't long ago that Atty played guard for the Cleveland Rams and the Detroit Lions. Myers played tackle for Texas U. for four years, finishing up in 1939.

  Officiating the game will be Otto G. Stoll, the referee; Robert K. Loane, umpire; Walter C. Koening, field judge; Mark Murphy, head linesman, and James Tolbert, linesman. Stoll is from Ocean Grove, N.J.; Loanes, former big league fielder, is from Oakland, Cal.; Koenig from Le Marr, Iowa; Murphy from Willsburg, W. Va., and Tolbert is from Texas.

  The game was made possible by China Theater Special Services, which organized, arranged and sponsored it.
Starting for Navy, left to right, we have in the backfield, Joe Condron, Charlie Eikenberg, Bill Polczynski and Bill Daley. In the line, left to right, Ray Fuller, Garry Schmeelk, Henry Noel, Frank Ruggeri, Robert Hoe, Jim Young and Bill McCarthy.
In Army's starting backfield, left to right, we find Everette George. Ray Placette, Bill Mandery and Marion Smith. In the line, left to right, are Lad Andrews, Jarrell Magness, Dick Coleman, George Ansell, Jack Kerchman, Charley Borde and John McElhaney.

Photos by STARS AND STRIPES Staff Photographer Ed Gilliland

Re-created Program from the Game

ARMY           COLORS - GOLD
No. Name Rank-Rate Pos. Wgt. Hgt.
36 McELHANEY, J. CAPT. LE 195 6-1
37 BORDE, C. PFC LT 200 6
38 COLEMAN, D. F-O LG 170 5-7
39 ANSELL, G. SGT. C 195 5-9
40 KERCHMEN, J. S-SGT. RG 200 5-10
41 MANGNASS, J. SGT. RT 225 5-11
42 ANDREWS, R. 1st. LT. RE 200 6-3
43 SMITH, M. 1st. LT. LH 185 5-11
10 PLACETTE, R. SGT. QB 195 5-11
11 MANDREY, J. 1st. LT. FB 200 6-1
44 GEORGE, E. 1st. LT. RH 185 6
12 VINSON, C. PFC E 200 6
13 BREWINGTON, J. PFC T 215 6-1
14 TAYLOR, A. 1st. LT. G 185 6
15 ALLISON, A. CPL. C 185 6
16 COYLE, T. PFC G 170 5-10
17 MURDOCK, A. CPL. T 195 6
18 CUNNINGHAM D. SGT. E 180 5-10
19 YOURKEWICZ, A. CAPT. HB 180 5-11
20 DELSORDI, M. CPL. HB 170 5-8
21 TROWBRIDGE, H. MAJ. HB 170 5-9
22 HUNTZ, B. SGT. FB 195 6
23 MILLER, W. 1st. SGT. E 190 6-2
24 MOHRLAND, W. SGT. T 225 5-11
25 HILDEBRANDT, E. CPL. G 185 5-9
26 SPAIN, T. 2nd. LT. C 175 5-10
27 CAMPBELL, C. PFC G 180 5-9
28 GOODRICH, D. SGT. T 200 6
29 FRANZ, R. CPL. E 180 6-1
30 OWENS, C. 1st. LT. HB 180 5-10
31 UHLER, E. 1st. LT. HB 170 6
32 WARD, P. SGT. FB 195 6-1
33 STORTZ, G. SGT. FB 195 5-10
34 NIX, J. SGT. HB 150 5-6
35 JENKINS, H. PFC HB 180 5-8
45 HATTON, W. SGT. HB 190 5-11
46 KYGER, R. M-SGT. T 250 6
47 HAWKINS, R. SGT. E 195 6


NAVY           COLORS - BLUE
No. Name Rank-Rate Pos. Wgt. Hgt.
10 McCARTHY, B. LT(jg) LE 190 6-1
16 YOUNG, J. MM1c LT 222 6-1
19 HOE, B. ENS. LG 200 5-11
18 RUGGIERI, F. LT(jg) C 210 6
13 NOEL, W. LT RG 190 6
12 SCHMEELK, G. QM3c RT 200 6-2
22 FULLER, R. LT(jg) RE 195 6-3
26 POLCZYNSKI, B. SK3c QB 180 5-11
33 DALEY, B. LT(jg) LH 210 6-2
29 CONDRON, J. LT. RH 185 6
31 EIKENBERG, C. ENS. FB 192 6-2
11 HANTOWSKI, F. S1c E 180 5-11
14 THOMAS D. AERM2c T 185 5-10
15 HIX, D. ENS. G & B 175 5-10
17 SHATZ, F. S2c C 175 6-1
20 MARKLES, O. LT(jg) G 200 6-1
21 PARRY, T. PFC(MC) LT 200 6
23 HAZELETT, J. ENS. E 195 6-2
24 WILLIAMS, F. STM1c E 170 5-10
25 BRYSON, W. EM3c E 165 5-10
27 McDONALD M. ENS. QB 160 5-9
28 COYER, C. ENS. QB 175 5-11
30 BIDDLE, J. S1c RH 165 5-9
32 WORMSLEY, A. S1c B 200 6-2
34 LOSCALZO, M. Y1c LH 157 5-7
35 BARNES, R. PHM3c LH 170 6
36 DERREBERRY, T. PHM3c QB 165 5-11
37 WALSH, R. S2c G 170 5-10
38 CROFT, E. S1c T 205 5-11
39 GRIPP, J. CSM T 210 6
40 ROBILLARD, D. LT(jg) B 185 5-10
43 KISH, A. GM1c B 165 5-8
44 HOUCK, W. ENS. B 200 6


Conducted by C. W. O. Wm. C. Kirkpatrick
ARMY - 681st AAF, 576th AAF, 685th AAF
The football committee wishes to express its gratitude to Mr. F. Boubier, chairman,
and Mr. E. Bousquil, manager of the Canidrome for their co-operation in making the
Canidrome available for this game.

The Canidrome

The Game

Chinese guard at the game

Souvenir football shows sad result for Army

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Shared by Bruce Uhler, son of Lt. Earl D. Uhler, Jr.