China-Burma-India Theater
News on the Homefront

    In 1941, while war raged in Europe, most Americans preferred the country remain neutral and isolated from the conflict. That all changed on December 7th when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and declared war on the United States. Just about every American was involved in the war, either being called to service in the armed forces, working in war production or other supporting roles. There were plenty of Moms who saw their sons off to some far-off place to fight. One such mom of Kansas City, Missouri, Josephine Smith Davis, saved newspaper articles about where her son was serving in a scrapbook. That place was the China-Burma-India Theater and her son was Lt. Col. Charles S. Davis. Below are the scrapbook pages filled with the CBI-related newspaper clippings she saved. For more about Col. Davis and his service in CBI -  CLICK HERE 

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The scrapbook contains 9 pages from LIFE magazine

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China-Burma-India Theater
News on the Homefront

Scrapbook by Josephine Smith Davis

Courtesy of Joe Davis

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