William S. Warren Memorabilia

William S. Warren and the unit he went through medic basic training with May-Oct 1943 Camp Pickett Virginia.
William is indicated with a small arrow on the upper right side. Unit is unknown.

Fort Niagara reception center. William was there about two weeks.

Camp Pickett, Blackstone Virginia. William served here for about five months
for medics basic training May through Oct 1943

William S. Warren in late February 1943, age 17.

Somewhere in CBI 1944

William on the left with an unknown soldier in Calcutta 1944.

Calcutta 1944

William in a British rest camp on the Ledo-Burma Road. Upper Assam, maybe northern Burma.

William (left) with an unknown soldier in the same British rest camp on the Ledo-Burma road 1944.

On the back of an elephant in Burma, 1944.

Calcutta 1944

H.M.T. Rajula, the ship William and his unit arrived in Bombay on. They left Oran Algeria North Africa on Nov 26,1943 after boarding the H.M.T. Rohna, just to switch places with a Army Air Corps unit that was on the Rajula. They reached the CBI Theater Dec 29, 1943. They were very lucky.

A snake charmer in Karachi

General G.O Squire AP-130. William left Calcutta on this ship Dec 14, 1945, arrived in New York City Jan 10, 1946.

Back in the states after discharge.