First published as the newspaper for Base Section 2 in Calcutta, India, the final issue of The Command Post was published on February 2, 1945.  With the February 9 issue, it became China Command Post, newspaper of the recently-created China Theater of Operations.  A contest to find a new name for the paper resulted in the March 9 issue carrying the winning name on the masthead, The China Lantern.  Click date to view each recreated issue.
 The Command Post - May 26 1944 issue
 MAY 26 1944 
 The Command Post - September 8 1944 issue
 SEPTEMBER 8 1944 

 The Command Post - January 26 1945 issue
 JANUARY 26 1945 
 China Command Post - February 9 1945 issue
 FEBRUARY 9 1945 

 China Command Post - February 16 1945 issue
 FEBRUARY 16 1945 
 China Command Post - February 23 1945 issue
 FEBRUARY 23 1945 

 China Command Post - March 2 1945 issue
 MARCH 2 1945 
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   These pages were created using original World War II issues of Command Post.  Some of the material was provided by people like you.  Your CBI story, photos and other memorabilia is important to those interested in the history of the CBI Theater.  This history can be preserved and published to the Internet so that anyone interested can readily access information about CBI.  You don't have to part with your piece of CBI history as good photocopies or scans are acceptable.  If you have photos or memorabilia from CBI and would like to share it and your story with others interested in the China-Burma-India Theater, please  CLICK HERE  to send an e-mail.