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Remembering the Forgotten Theater of World War II

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CBI Wall Of Honor
A Tribute To My Dad
The Ledo Road
The Stilwell Pages
Hospital Units in CBI
CBI Blood Chits
Maps of the CBI Theater
LIFE Reports and Pictorials
Best of CBIVA Sound-off
CBI Order of Battle
Famous Planes of the CBI

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China Lantern
Command Post
Hump Express
Tiger Rag
The Stars And Stripes
Hindusthan Standard
On The Ground Glass
The Bull Sheet
Hellbird Herald
Buck Sheet
SEAC Souvenir
Hairy Ears Herald
ARC Light
P.R.O. Files
North China Marine
Jungle Jargon
The Road Gang

China-Burma-India Edition
YANK's Magic Carpet
Stilwell: The GIs' Favorite
Clearing the Burma Road
Rangoon Jump
Indian Riverboat
Longest Pipeline in the World
YANK's Dave Richardson
Pin-Up Girls of YANK
First Convoy to China
Truck Convoy to China
Convoy Sidelights
Marilyn Monroe and YANK
16,000 Miles From Home
Notes from a Burma Diary

The Calcutta Key
Pocket Guide to China
Pocket Guide to Burma
Pocket Guide to India
Chinese Phrase Book
Cantonese Language Guide
USAAF Survival Guide
Pointie Talkie
Red Cross Guide to India
USAAF Handbook of Burma
Here's How
ATC in India-China
Air Transport Command
Welcome to Bombay
Guide to Karachi
Special Service Booklet
Camp Kanchrapara Guide

Inside Wartime China
China's War Capital
India Post-War Planning

20th General Hospital
Memorial to CBI Veterans
Arlington National Cemetery
A Search of Sixty Years
Victory Over Japan
World War II Memorial
Father Kapaun CBI Saint
Walkout Diary
One Pilot's Journey
Overseas Anniversary
QM Truck Company
Jake Jesse in CBI
Evacuation Hospital
Into The Wildest Blue Yonder
CBI From The Back Seat
My Life as a GI Joe
Prayed - Sang - Cussed
The Diddled Dozen
Night Ambush
Charles Beard's Story
In Her Own Words
A Unique Military Experience
Dear Mom
The Forgotten War
Kenneth Clark's Story
Walter Orey's Memoir
Somewhere In India
William Smith at Ramgarh
H. L. Riva  M.A.S.H. Stories
28th PSH Personal History
Norman Carlile's Story
Memoir of Julius Edwards
Apocalypse - Raymond Kania
Diary of Robert Mahler
Vernelle Grable WAC ATC
Wendall Phillips ETO/CBI
Memoir of an Army Nurse
Cited by Brig. Gen. Pick

Herb Fisher's P-40
Jack Thomas' Images of India
Bob Fagelson's Photos
Philip Johnson's Photos
Glenn Garrelts' India
Walter Orey's CBI Photos
Larry Tompkins' Photos
Earl Uhler's Photos
John Smith's Images of India
John Sunne Collection
Tribute to Arthur Paul Lancy
Frank Amenitsch Album
Earl Jesse Bowman Album
George Bauernfeind Photos
Boyd Chandler Photos
James Shephard Bomb Pins
William Fuchs' Photos
Wm. Warren Memorabilia
James Antell Memoabilia
George Kierstead's Photos
WAC War Correspondent
Walter Ryan Memories
Olaf Gabrielson CBI Photos
Earthquaker: Byron Hill
Julius Edwards Photos
Col. Charles S. Davis Archive

Building the Ledo Road
India-Burma Engineers
330th Engineers History
789th EPD Unit History
Of Men and Mud
Hastings Air Base
This Is IBT Base Section
Chinese Army in India-Burma
A Miracle Military Achievement
IBT Engineer Section
Airfield Construction 1942-44
497th Engineer Heavy Shop
69th Medical Depot Co.
758th Railway Shop Battalion
The Ledo Road
Stilwell Road - Ledo Lifeline
India-Burma Engineers
The Story of Pick's Pike
Building the Ledo Road
The Back Door to China
The Jungle's Victory
Land Route to China
Aerial Views of Ledo Road
Stilwell Road Certificate
My Trip Over the Ledo Road
Route of the Ledo Road
History of the Road 1942-44
First Anniversary Report
Shweli River Bridge
Linked At Last
Peoria on the Ledo Road
Road That Couldn't Be Built
Mountbatten Visits Myitkyina
Assignment for Col. Pick
Runaway C-47 Chases Pick
Daily Miracle on Ledo Road
He Finished the Road
Along the Ledo Road

U.S. Army Pipelines in India
Longest Pipeline in the World
Building the ABC Pipeline
Fuel For Freedom
789th EPD Unit History
Oil for the Tanks in China

The Hump: Aluminum Trail
Heroes of the Hump
Jack Knight Medal of Honor
The Mightiest Army
Ramgarh Training Center
Merrill's Marauders in Burma
1st Provisional Tank Group
Mars Task Force
Hump Air Routes
Aerial Invasion of Burma
Air Commandos
Under Siege at Myitkyina
Woman's Army Corps in CBI
The Hoverfly in CBI
Lines of Communication
Operation Matterhorn
Stilwell: China Crisis
World's Biggest Airline
CBI Manhunt
China-Burma-India APOs
U.S. Casualties in CBI
Monsoon Salvage
Flying Tiger's Christmas Battle
Knight Hill Is Taken
Air Corps Bases in CBI
Map of India and Ceylon
When A Hawk Smiles

Adventure on the Stilwell Road
The Story of The Hump
Adventure in Burma
Milford Zornes Photographs
Kunming-Kweiyang Route
Round Robin
My Favorite War Story
China-Burma-India Christmas
Confusion Beyond Imagination
Advertising CBI
4 Days Out - 4 Days Back
Rangoon Rambler
CBI Connections
China Bowl Football Classic
Teamwork Does It!
Story of CBI on the Internet

In An Alien City
Seagrave Most Unforgettable
Bringing WW2 To Life
Burma Road Closed
China's Soong
China To The Mountains
Wings Over China
Check-up on Burma Road
Japan Threatens Burma Road
Chiang Kai-shek
India In Peril
Flying Tigers in Burma
China Asks India
Burma Front
Chinese Pilots
The Rat-Trap of Burma
Flight From Burma
Burma Mission
Japanese Invade Burma
AVG Ends Famous Career
Stilwell's Flight from Burma
LIFE Photographer in Burma
Chennault Fights to Hold China
Dear Mom, I Got A Valet
Yanks Make a Hit in India
The Missimo
India Speaks to China
Speech To Congress
Madame Chiang in the U.S.
Mass Tribute to Madame Chiang
American Makes Planes in India
China Air Task Force
Madame Chiang in Hollywood
Yanks In Shangri-La
British Raid Burma
China Fights On
A Date in India
A Big Day In China
Army Hospital in Burma
Elephants at War
The War In Burma
Joe Stilwell's War
Trouble In Burma
War Explodes Into Bombay
Claire Chennault
To India And Back In 10 Days
Airborne Raiders in Burma
U.S. Foot Soldiers In Burma
Superforts Bomb Japan
The Mules of Myitkyina
The Ledo Road
The Hump
The U.S. In China
China Flees
Man and His Dog
Inside Red China
Jinx Returns From The War
Stilwell Road
LIFE Goes Over Stilwell Road
Woodcuts Fight China's Battles
Chinese Tragedy
Victorious China
Peace Comes to Shanghai
China Reborn
Crisis in China

The Ledo Road
The Hump (In Color)
Merrill's Marauders
Capture of Myitkyina Airdrome
First Convoy Burma-Ledo Road
General Joseph W. Stilwell
Fire Ball Express
Fire Ball Pictorial Photos
Seagrave Returns to Burma

Paintings of Army Medicine
Ledo Road & Other Verses
A Masterpiece of Design
Ledo Road Insignia
Vinegar Joe Stilwell
Ledo Road Sketches
The Flight of No Return
CBI Sketch Book
The Mars Task Force
Vagabond Journey
Broad Views
Miss Lace is GIs' Heroine
New Year - Old Friend
Flashes from Burma Road
Sketches by Wm. Warren

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The China-Burma-India Theater of World War II
   Officially established 22 June 1942, the China-Burma-India Theater (CBI) is often referred to as The Forgotten Theater of World War II.  Of the 12,300,000 Americans under arms at the height of World War II mobilization,only about 250,000 (two percent) were assigned to the CBI Theater, making CBI Veterans are Unique more than just a slogan.

   Initially important to the Allied war effort because of plans to invade Japan from the Chinese mainland, it became mainly an effort to keep China supplied and in the war.  Allied forces, mostly British, Chinese, and Indian, engaged large numbers of Japanese troops that might have otherwise been used elsewhere.  The less than 3,000 volunteer soldiers who became famous as Merrill's Marauders, and the units of the Mars Task Force, were the only dedicated U.S. ground fighting forces in the Theater.

   America's role in CBI was to support China by providing war materials and the manpower to get it to where it was needed.  The majority of Americans in CBI worked to bring lend-lease supplies to China.  The Flying Tigers fought the Japanese in the air over China and Burma.  Army Air Forces flew supplies Over The Hump from India to China.  Merrill's Marauders and the Mars Task Force fought through the jungles of Burma.  Army Engineers built the Ledo Road to open up a land supply route.

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Share Your CBI Memorabilia

    Most of these sites were created using World War II era publications and printed material from CBI.  Some of the material was provided by people like you.  Your CBI story, photos and other memorabilia is of interest to veterans and friends of CBI and is an important part of history.  This history can be preserved and published to the Internet so that anyone interested can readily access information about the CBI Theater.  You don't have to part with your piece of CBI history as good photocopies or scans are acceptable.  If you have photos or memorabilia from CBI and would like to share it and your story with veterans and others interested in CBI, please click below to send an e-mail.


 CBI Wall Of Honor
China-Burma-India Wall of Honor

    On the CBI Wall of Honor the men and women who served in the China-Burma-India Theater are remembered and honored. Their photograph, unit or area of service, and their wartime hometown are shown. The photo is also a link to more information on their service (when available). To honor your relative or other CBI veteran, use the link below to submit a photo and be sure to include their full name, unit or area, and wartime hometown.


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