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About Hump Express...

  Hump Express was the official newspaper of the India-China Division (ICD) of the Air Transport Command (ATC) in the China-Burma-India Theater (CBI) of World War II.  "The Hump" was the name given the military airlift route over the Himalayas between India and China.  The following paragraph, printed in each issue, explains the missions of ICD:
Military transport schedules over India for cargo, personnel and mail ... maximum tonnage of essential war materials over the Hump ... movement of troops and supplies in support of tactical operations in China ... evacuation of the sick and wounded - these are the missions of ICD-ATC.
 Hump Express was one of several newspapers started by Treville Lawrence during his time in the Army and was published each Thursday between January 18 and November 15, 1945.  Forty-three issues were published with October 18 being skipped due to the Puja holidays (per announcement in the October 11 issue).

 Original issues of Hump Express were provided by Stephen C. King, Grover P. Fike, James R. Cobb, Jerry Harper, Barbara Skinner Lipiew and William Stanley.  Each of the newspapers have been recreated here using the original stories and pictures.

  HUMP EXPRESS is the official newspaper of the India-China Division, Air Transport Command, APO 192, c/o Postmaster, New York, N.Y., and is published by its Public Relations office.  Camp Newspaper Service and Army Newspaper Service features are used, reproduction of which is prohibited without permission of CNS and ANS, 205 East 42nd St., New York, 17, N.Y.  Other material is submitted by staff members, ICD-ATC base Public Relations sections and other soldier correspondents.  Printed weekly by the Hindusthan Standard, 3 Burman St., Calcutta, India, and distributed each Thursday.  Passed by U.S. Press Censor for mailing. Internet adaptation by Carl W. Weidenburner.