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  China-Burma-India Theater on the Internet

CBI Wall Of Honor  Honoring Americans who served in CBI
China-Burma-India  Remembering the Forgotten Theater of World War II
CBI Order of Battle  Unit Lineages and History
Remembering the CBI  Facebook page
The War Ends in Europe  from the May 14, 1945 issue of LIFE magazine
Along the Ledo Road  Almost 1000 photos tell the story of the road

Research Room
Online request for Military Service Records from National Personnel Records Center
National Archives Veterans' Service Records  Request Military Personnel Records with Form 180
Researching Military Service Records (PDF) (Updated May 2019)  courtesy of Sharon Lawrence
Archives.gov or Wikipedia  Information about Service Records lost in 1973 fire
Archival Research Catalog  National Archives and Records online
Dad's War  Finding and Telling Your Father's World War II Story
Google  search for China-Burma-India related sites
eBay  search for China-Burma-India related items

General Information about the CBI Theater
The China-Burma-India Theater  from Wikipedia
CBI Info (archived)  Excellent source of CBI information
Crisis Fleeting Military Medicine in India and Burma
Radio Intelligence in CBI Intercepting Japanese radio traffic in CBI
Variations of the CBI Patch  Various styles of CBI Patches are shown

Stilwell Road (Ledo and Burma Roads)
The Ledo Road  Stories and images of the Ledo and Burma Roads
The Ledo Road Stilwell Road  Two pictorials from LIFE Magazine
Clearing The Burma Road  the last fight to clear the Japanese (from YANK - The Army Weekly)
Confusion Beyond Imagination  Ledo Road signs
Stilwell Road - Story of the Ledo Lifeline  from the original booklet
African-Americans and the Ledo/Stilwell Road  Black Engineers on the road
Burma Road Trucks  All about Dodge Trucks on the Burma Road
CBI Manhunt  The Story of Pvt. Herman Perry

The Hump
The Hump  Wikipedia site about The Hump
China National Aviation Corporation (CNAC)  First to Fly The Hump
CNAC Hump Pilots  China National Aviation Corporation Association
Flying The Hump  Excellent site to learn more about The Hump
Flying Tigers Historical Organization  Honoring the past

Air Forces and Aircraft
CBI Order of Battle  Unit Lineages and History
U.S. Army Air Forces in World War II  In Honor of the Members of the Air Corp
341st Bombardment Group  Flying Falcons and China Glippers
444th Bomb Group  The Mighty 444th
In the Hands of God  A Tribute to the Crew of "Poco Moco"
Air Force Memorial  Air Force Memorial Foundation
PTO/CBI Aces  Top American Aces of the Pacific and CBI

Troop Ship Crossings  Records of many Troop Ship crossings during the war
Rohna Classified  Upcoming documentary about troopship sunk enroute CBI

CBI Units and Associations
Merrill's Marauders  Stories of the 5307th Composite Unit (Provisional)
Merrill's Marauder's Proud Descendants  The name says it all
Merrill's Marauders Story  Historical reference of the Marauders
The Flying Tigers  American Volunteer Group
Burma Star Association  British Veterans of Burma
Special Operations  OSS Detachment 101
124th Cavalry Regiment  Texas Military Forces Museum
69th Depot Repair Squadron  The 69ers
335th Station Hospital  All black unit along the Ledo Road

U.S. Army Campaigns in CBI
Burma 1942  7 December 1941 to 26 May 1942
India-Burma  2 April 1942 to 28 January 1945
China Defensive  4 July 1942 to 4 May 1945
Central Burma  29 January to 15 July 1945
China Offensive  5 May to 2 September 1945

CBI Soldiers' Tributes
Frederic N. Hernandez  by his grandson, Michael P. Hernandez
Glenn J. Harris  by his son Glenn J. Harris II
Raymond C. Holtz  by his son Robert L. Holtz
John C. Kelley  by his niece
Eugene McGuire  by his son Eugene McGuire, Jr.
Emil Scott  by his nephew Tom Moore
Bill Sharp  by his son John Sharp
LeRoy V. Watson  by his son Chris Watson
William Arnon Scruggs  by Robin Grantham

CBI Stories, Letters and more
Story of a Sword  for his grandchildren by Oliver Titchenal
Twenty-Three Days in the Burma Jungle  Matt Campanella's personal story of survival
CBI Stories  compiled by Chris Watson
CBI Stories and Information  compiled by Gregg Millett
Photos of Calcutta (1945-47)  from Peter Goutierre
Images of India  from Bob Fagelson
The Changi POW Artwork of Des Bettany  Life as a POW
Norman Handelman  N.Y. State Military Museum Oral History
Donald Walsh  N.Y. State Military Museum Oral History
Lester Hurd: Family Man  Audio history of CBI Pilot Lester M. Hurd
My Dear Wife, I Love You  Charles Lewis in World War II

CBI Library
Stone & Stone Military Books  on the CBI Theater
Military.com  on the CBI Theater
The Able Queen  Memoirs of an Indiana Hump Pilot
Should've Been With Me  About a CBI Cargo Pilot and later an engineer of America's first satellites (Related video)
The Up Perspective  More about pilot/engineer Wilfred Scull
CBI Cargo Pilots  Three stories of three tentmates
Rails of War  Supplying Americans and Allies in CBI

CBI "Theater"
Life-Line to China Re-Opened and other stories Universal Newsreel from YouTube (7:15)
The Stilwell Road  Army Pictorial Service movie narrated by Ronald Reagan
1st Air Commandos  by C-47 pilot John Sanichas (Color, 14:17)
More 1st Air Commandos  by C-47 pilot John Sanichas (Color, 12:58)
Building the Ledo Road  Film by Sgt. C.W. Bill Hinnant, Corps of Engineers (Color, 1:59)
Engineers' Life in CBI  Film by Sgt. C.W. Bill Hinnant, Corps of Engineers (Color, 13:51)
Mission Completed  The Story of a Nose Artist B-24 Pilot (Color/BW, 30:18)
Lest We Forget  Don Kiser And Stanley Mohr USAAF

CBI in the Movies
Flying Tigers  starring John Wayne  Preview
Objective, Burma!  starring Errol Flynn  Preview
Merrill's Marauders  starring Jeff Chandler  Preview
Never So Few  starring Frank Sinatra  Preview
God Is My Co-Pilot  starring Dennis Morgan  Preview
China Sky  starring Randolph Scott  Preview
Man In The Middle  starring Robert Mitchum  Preview

National Museum of the Pacific War  (Nimitz Museum) Inspiring our youth by honoring our heroes
National World War II Museum  America's National World War II Museum
Chennault Museum   Aviation and Military History
Museum of Aviation  One awesome aviation site!
Cradle of Aviation  Great aviation museum site
New England Air Museum   with history of the 58th Bomb Wing
Texas Military Forces Museum  dedicated to Texans who served
CAF Airbase Arizona  Commemorative Air Force
U.S. Army Women's Museum  Army site commemorates women's service

World War II Sites
Spirit of '45  Celebrating the Greatest Generation
U.S. Army in World War II  Excellent World War II Historical Reference
American Aircraft of World War II  World War II Planes
World War II Poster Collection  World War II Posters
Skylighters  225th AAA Searchlight Battalion site
YANK Magazine  Excerpts and pictures from the Army Weekly
376th Bomb Group  The Liberandos
New Mexico's Role in World War II  Los Alamos and the Atomic Bomb - Thanks Noah!
Sidney Walton's No Regrets Tour  raising awareness of the sacrifices made by WWII veterans

Information Directly Related to My Dad's Story
Fort Devens Dad was here prior to being sent overseas
USS Monticello (AP-61)  The ship Dad sailed aboard to India
USS General William F. Hase (AP-146)  The ship Dad returned aboard to the United States
World War II Honoree  Dad's page at World War II Memorial Registry
Slide Show  of Dad's photos from India
New Jersey State World War II Memorial  New Jersey honors its own
World War II Memorial  A visit to the memorial in Washington, D.C.

Other Sites of Interest
Merrill's Marauders Congressional Gold Medal  Video of virtual ceremony
They Volunteered for This:  Merrill's Marauders video
The United States Army  Today's Army Home Page
Arlington National Cemetery  "Where Valor Proudly Sleeps"
Flag Rules and Regulations  Proper U. S. Flag etiquette
Combat Engineers  of the VI Corps. (ETO)
The Bridge on the River Kwai  The true story
Bombardier's Lounge  Captain Mike plays tribute to flyers and aircraft
ASVAB Practice Test Online  Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery
The Cars, Tanks and Airplanes of WWII  A key part of the fight
Non-Commissioned Officer Candidate Locator  Ft. Benning trained from 1967 to 1972
Til Valhalla Project  Help honor our nation's heroes
Mission 22  United in the war against veteran suicide
A Brief History of Military Vehicles  Tanks, Trucks, Jeeps and more
The National World War One Memorial  Now Open
PTSD and Sleep  Important information researched by Jaden for the Brownie Scout's Forgotten Soldiers badge

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